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Welcome to the new Virtual Vienna! We are very excited to present the brand new Virtual Vienna. During the last year, we've worked on updating the content, restructuring the site and giving it a new and fresh look. We hope you like it! Check out our blog section, where we'll post new articles, news, photos and random stuff regularly.
If you're looking for English speaking jobs or internships in Vienna or Austria, have a look at the Jobboard. If you are looking to hire, or know of an opening for an English speaking person, please submit your job offer to our board. The old expat community forum is back! There are many discussions on a variety of topics, which can be helpful to anybody. If you have an existing Virtual Vienna account from the previous years, you should be able to still log in with that. If not, you can simply sign up, or log in via Facebook, Twitter or Google Account. We are looking forward to bringing the Virtual Vienna community back to life.

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  • Brexit: What would happen to expats if Britain left the EU?
    Brexit: What would happen to expats if Britain left the EU? With all eyes on Greece these days, talking about a possible departure of Britain from the European Union seems cynical. Nonetheless the possibility for a “Brexit” is immanent. Prime Minister Cameron has stated, that a referendum, whether to stay in the EU would
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  • Open Air Cinema
    Open Air Cinema Famous classics, local evergreens or up-and-coming pictures of the Austrian movie industry, open air cinema is part of the Viennese urban summer experience, such as ice cream and sweaty public transportation. From famous “Clockwork Orange” to a best-of Coen Brothers collection, to the
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